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USS Car Auction in Japan

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USS LogoIn Japan the USS auto auction is the largest car auctioning system, exhibiting more than 60,000 cars per week in more than 12 different auction halls across the country.
USS Nagoya is held on every Friday and USS Tokyo is held on every Thursday. Average number of cars exhibited at USS Nagoya is about 9,000 cars and at USS Tokyo is about 12,000. Here is the list of 16 Auctions available in USS auto auction through out JAPAN :

USS Office Building

USS Office Building
USS Auction Name Auction Days
 USS Sapporo  Wednesday
 USS Tohoku  Wednesday
 USS Gunma  Saturday
 USS Ryuutsu  Saturday
 USS Tokyo  Thursday
 USS R Tokyo  Thursday
 USS Nishi Tokyo  Friday
 USS Yokohama  Tuesday
USS Auction Name Auction Days
 USS Shizuoka  Saturday
 USS Nagoya  Friday
 USS R Nagoya  Monday
 USS Osaka  Friday
 USS Kobe  Tuesday
 USS Okayama  Saturday
 USS Fukuoka  Wednesday
 USS Kyushu  Saturday
USS Auctions Type of Used Cars in Japan

There are three ways to take part in our auto auctions:

  1. On Website
  2. Via Satellite
  3. over the Internet

Since members can choose to take part in our auto auctions in the way that best suits them, many members from around the country participate in our auctions, raising our contract completion (sell-through) rate. And the more our contract completion rate improves, the more willing people are to put their vehicles up for auction, resulting in a virtuous cycle.

Online Auction of Used Cars - USS

Online AuctionUsed vehicles consigned to on-site auctions operated nationwide are auctioned once a week. Members can take part in worry-free bidding at on-site auctions, choosing from a wide-range of models and ages, since members can actually conduct preliminary inspections of the consigned vehicles. USS has on-site auctions in 16 locations across the country, from the USS Sapporo site (Ebetsu, Hokkaido) in the north to the USS Kyushu site (Tosu, Saga Prefecture) in the south. Satellite auction members and Internet auction members can take part in USS’s auto auctions any day of the week, since USS auction sites hold their auctions on different days.

Site Facilities for Used Cars by USS Auction

The vehicles up for auction are displayed on large screens one after another. The screens are located in each corner of the auction site, and arranged according to car model. Bids can be placed on vehicles in about 20 seconds

Satellite Auction by USS for Used Cars in Japan

Auction Through SatelliteMembers take part in auctions at 16 USS on-site auctions and 14 affiliate auction sites across the country by using terminals exclusively for satellites. They can not only make limit bids, but also directly make bids for vehicles at on-site auctions. They can obtain information about vehicles in advance from their offices. They can also check specific details about the vehicles they are interested in by utilizing our “preliminary inspection agent service.”

Internet Auction of Japanese Used Cars by USS

The Internet has made it possible for members to take part in auctions held at on-site auctions. Participants can check quotation information displayed on their PCs before auctions and preview the vehicle’s details . Members that have put their vehicles up for auction can check the progress of bidding in real time.

For further information, contact the Car bank Net Support Center. Tel: +81-3-3276-6200

USS quickly introduced information technology (IT) to such used vehicle auctions, creating a fair and efficient “USS Auto Auction,” which eliminates people’s self-serving traits. Then, we added a “Globe Network” service, which utilize satellites, and an Internet-based “Internet Live” service. Thus, USS provides the largest, convenient used vehicle auction service in Japan, which can be accessed from anywhere in the country.

USS lets its members take part in its auctions all over the country by providing a “Globe Network” service, which utilizes satellites, and an Internet-based “Internet Live” service, in addition to its mainstay “USS Auto Auction” on-site auction, which is held in various locations throughout Japan. We can boast a market share of 30% or more, the largest share of the Japanese used vehicle auction market.

  Company Name   USS Co., Ltd.
  Address 507-20 Shinpo-machi, Tokai-shi
Aichi Prefecture 476-0005 Japan
  Telephone +81-52-689-1129
  Fax +81-52-604-1915
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