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Latest Japanese Used Cars Stock List ?

Asnet Auction of Japanese Used Cars in Japan

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AS-NET Logo Vehicle Stock on Asnet Auto AuctionASNET is the largest website for Listing Stocks from Japanese auctions and Dealer wholesale stock. Over 7,000,000 Cars data is provided to members every year, including front, rear photos and its inspection sheet also. ASNET has 36,000 members in Japan. AS-Net is the auction total portal site which is connected to 44 major auction halls across Japan (as of May, 2004).

The expansion of their connections with Auction Halls is ongoing and it is said that they will be covering most of the auctions halls across Japan in the near future. With AS-Net services, you are able to place bids on cars exhibited at any auctions halls, even at those auction halls that we are not registered as an official members yet. Hence, there will be more than 100,000 cars available per week for bidding using AS-Net.

ASNET provides an integrated internet live- Bidding system. Together with Proxy or Buy Now, you can bid on cars at auction from your office or home. ASNET offers unique stock for sale. ASNET members who have trained and qualified through the ASNET Inspectors Training Course then list their appraised stock on this website at sharp wholesale prices. So lets learn more about ASNET and all it has to offer you to make your business even more successful in the future. Note: The ID and password for AS-Net access is provided to Diamond members only at present.

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  Telephone 0532-57-5422
  Fax 0532-56-7651
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